Solar Film Singapore



Everybody loves having a window in the house. It brightens up the area, gives us a view of the outside world and instantly makes the place seem more lively. The kind of place that you want to stay in all day and watch as the birds fly past. That is all till you are trying to sleep and the sun shines it’s intense beam straight onto your face and/or when you are prancing in your home and you realise that birds are not the only one flying by and people are able to look in too. That is where solar films can help!

Unlike when you get curtains and blinds online, where the solution is to enclose the surrounding area by adding a curtain/blind around the window, Solar films tackle the issue at it’s source and is applied directly onto the window.

Benefits of Solar Film 


Solar films help in the following ways:

Solar films help reduce heat and room temperature at home

Glass windows often act as a magnifying glass between the sun and our homes, amplifying heat waves that causes that all too familiar stuffy and warm feeling when we are trying to relax at home. Solar films block out the magnifying effects and depending on the brand of your window films, would be able to block out harmful UV rays as well. This in turn reduces overall room temperature and results in long term electrical savings i.e Air conditioning etc

Solar films reduces glare.

The sun’s glare can result in everyday annoyance at home such as when you are trying to watch tv or when the sun’s beam shines directly on your face when you are sleeping. Solar films, especially frosted ones, help to reduce such glares.

Solar films improve your privacy.

Feel comfortable at home and stop peering neighbours or curious passerbys from staring into your home by blocking the view with the use of frosted window films. This function also adds as a security measure to stop people with bad intentions from noticing your habits.


Sun Shield – Roll On Solar Films from Korea



While Solar Films offer plenty of benefits, one of the most common setbacks is that they are hard to apply and often require the help of a professional to put up/tear down. Sun Shield eliminates that very problem.

Sun Shield is a Premium Roll On Solar Film system from Korea and is the first of it’s kind to arrive on Singapore shores. It offers Solar Film benefits but simplifies the application process. It uses a simple roll on system (much like how you would roll paint onto your walls) that is extremely easy to apply.


With a quick and easy spray of water, Sun Shield is also removable and can be taken down by an untrained personnel. Aside from it’s functional use of Solar protection, it’s ability to come off as and when is require also opens Sun Shield up for seasonal uses i.e Christmas Window Decors etc

Sun Shield comes in both transparent and frosted option and can be used either way depending on your home needs. Sun Shield has also been tested and certified to be safe for use.

Days of hiring and paying for pricey solar films are over. With Sun Shield, a full length window panel can be done up in under 5 mins and all without any training. Click here to discover more about Sun Shield and it’s benefits