Sun Shield 1-For-1 Promo

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For a Limited Time Only, enjoy our Introductory Discount and get 2 bottles for the price of 1.

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Traditional Solar Films are extremely pricey as consumers have to pay for not just the product but costly labour and transport as well. We now have a brand new solution hailing from Korea that allows you to improve your privacy, reduce heat/glare and UV rays, whilst not breaking the bank.

Introducing Sun Shield, the DIY Roll – On Solar Film that you can roll on yourself.

As per how you would roll paint on, you can easily roll Sun Shield onto your desired windows. If you decide that one day you no longer need it’s stated purposes, you can also remove it by simply spraying water on the corner and then peeling it off.

This makes Sun Shield is not just beneficial for functional reasons such as privacy/UV rays issue, but it can also be used for seasonal uses such as christmas decors etc

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