Combi Blinds – Latest Korean Trend To Hit Singaporean Homes

From its popular Korean ramen, the famous perfectly-looking pop singers and celebrities, to top-rated dramas – it’s no doubt that the Korean culture has made and marked its way into the hearts of modern society. Beauty. Food. Travel. Entertainment. And as a relevant feature in this article, even the Home Decor industry at some point, has rode the Hallyu or what they call the Korean Wave, mostly by popular demand.

Combi blinds, also known as Shadow Blinds, Rainbow Blinds, and evidently Korean Blinds, are the latest home decor trend from Korea to hit Singaporean Homes. As a company providing Window Coverings, we immediately understood the hype and its mesmerising factor the first time we drew the blinds, and instantly decided that these products, with top-of-the-line quality, are the type of products we believe would suit our Singaporean homes.

Here’s how Combi blinds can make a statement, that exudes both beauty and class with a modern take.









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