Budget Friendly Decorating Tips

Decorating on a budget isn’t new, and the ideas out there are endless. Even if you’re pinching pennies, there’s still plenty you can do to create a stylish home for you and your family. The first step is to clean your home and get organised. Doing those two things alone will drastically improve the quality of your space. Then for the fun part—on to decorating. Here’s a few helpful tips for making house on a budget.

1. Paint, Paint, Paint

Painting is the cheapest way to decorate any room dramatically. Don’t be afraid to play around with bold colours and make any room in your house colourful. You can follow a certain colour palette to set the mood and theme that you desire for your home.

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2. Make Use Of Mirrors

Open up space in your home by using mirrors! Mirrors tend to reflect objects that make any space seem much larger than it actually is. Not only are mirrors fun to decorate with, but with a little creativity, they can also become a centrepiece of your home. Make sure to not feel confined with the usual frame choices.

Browse through different mirror framing that would work well in your home in a variety of settings. Key note to remember when decorating with mirrors: massive mirrors can open up the room beautifully by giving the optical illusion of more space.

3. Green is good

Add life and style to your home with beautiful houseplants. There is an extensible range as to how you can decorate with plants — from placing plants on a cart or bench, hanging plants, or just by creating your own plant corner.


4. Try to DIY

Things bought online are sometimes so much cheaper than it is in retail. That’s because online stores don’t necessary have to pay rent that adds up to their overheads, which in turn adds to the cost of the product consumers usually buy.



For DIY decorations, you can always opt for companies such as ours to provide you with the option of purchasing blinds from the convenience of your home. We have easy guidelines to follow in order to DIY your measurements and product installation as well! With our product quality and pricing, we’re probably the best find in the market!

5. Furniture makeover

Decorating doesn’t necessarily have to mean new furniture. Instead of buying new ones, revamp your old furniture a makeover by giving it some new paint or even have your sofa reupholstered.

6. Throw in your throw pillows

Throw pillows can help accent your sofa towards a more modern or traditional look. To achieve a modern feel, Go for an odd number as the pillow number, like three or five, rather than more traditional pairs. A few big pillows look cleaner than a jumble of smaller ones, which can seem like “too much punctuation”. For a more traditional look, placing Two or four large pillows arranged on either side of a sofa impart a sense of symmetry and order.

7. Place fruit in Jars

Don’t let your refrigerator have all the fun! Put colorful fruit on display in glass jars or footed glass bowls. Choose the long-lasting fruits of the season for a colorful, affordable, and delicious display. Oranges, lemons, and limes add a refreshing touch to your home.

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