6 Tips In Decorating A Millennial Room

Born in the early 90s, millennials are the new generation to enter the homeowners market. Long gone are the ornament-bearing, maximalist preferences of the baby boomers generation. The home decor industry has been listening to the millennials and shifting its gear towards providing a greener, multi-functional, minimalist trend of lifestyle.

And when it comes to property buying, you can bet that millennials prefer living in the urban areas compared to the suburban areas. Here in Singapore, most of the millennials opt for an HDBs as compared to Condominiums. Besides considering that living in an apartment in the city is much cheaper compared to buying a house, living in the city is preferable for millennials because of its convenience. Due to this, this segment of the population are the major occupants of condos and studio apartments. we’ve done our fair share of research and found out tips on how to get that clean and sleek on-trend look.


minimalist kitchen
Clean and white minimalist kitchen | Photo Source

   1. Less is More

minimalist home decor living room
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Because space is limited, one great way to give your room a millennial touch is to get rid of everything extra. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-ng that doesn’t serve an essential purpose. The idea of minimalism is to avoid clutter and excess. Extra furniture? Get rid of it. Extra ornaments and huge antiques? Nope, let’s give it away. The key to a millennial room is to adapt a minimalist lifestyle. But don’t get us wrong — minimalism isn’t exactly equivalent to institutional or empty. It simply means keeping a small number of important furnitures and stuff to declutter your room and make way for more space. Room decor and your love for rustic accessories doesn’t mean it has to go — but just has to be limited in number. Create a moderation in decor and you’d be surprised to see that your room can still come off with a clean, modern look, without giving away that life and artsy feeling.



   2. Simple and Functional

minimalist storage furniture living room sofa
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When it comes to buying furniture, millennials opt to purchase multi-purpose furnitures. Think chairs that can also serve as a storage alternative, or a small coffee table that can be transformed into a bigger one when friends are over. This is the secret weapon as how to millennials can efficiently handle their spaces. Opt for furnitures with hidden storages the next time you browse the market, and it’ll help you create an amazing illusion or having more space, and less clutter.


    3. Focus On Wall Art

minimalist tropical wall canvas
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tropical wall accent
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Let’s get artsy! It’s becoming a huge trend to include an accent wall in millennial homes to express pop or elegant art. Most of the home decors focus on wall art as they take up the least space and can make a statement. Art canvases hung up to express a person’s personality are highly favoured as well as accent walls for a beautiful and trendy furniture backdrop.


  4. If You Can DIY It, Do It


We’ve seen a rise in DIY tricks and hacks and DIY has safely landed a place in our hearts. It’s educational, fun, and fulfilling. The best of all? It’s the cheapest alternative to home decor that we can find. If you can find beautiful furnitures which are easy to DIY, just give it a try.


    5. Friends and Coziness

Cosy minimalist living room
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Millennials are highly social people. They grew up in the age of technology and social media where sharing memorable experiences with friends and family has become a daily routine. And when it comes to inviting friends over to your home to chat about life’s latest happenings, you’d want to create a feeling of coziness and comfort that would make your friends what to lounge and stay for another cup of hot coffee. You can create this environment by adding in soft furnishings, rugs, and cushions to your home. Complete the mood by matching it with warm lighting and scented candles to add that depth and intimacy to your place.


    6. Aim for Sustainability

minimalist window garden
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Organic table napkin cloth
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One of the many great things about millennials is their awareness and care for the environment. This generation have been taking big and little actions towards creating a more sustainable future, and this lifestyle is also reflected in their home decor preferences. You can start with the small things such as purchasing energy-saving lamps, or sourcing out for 100% recycled woven fabric for your table linens. For a more organic touch, you can also decorate your windows with boxes made for gardening if you’re into growing your food. Not only is it healthy and good for the environment, but it also adds a touch of colour and greenery to your living space.



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