Child Safety Window Locks

In every family, the birth of a newborn is a joyous occasion. They are the light of our lives that bring us endless laughter and happiness. In exchange, parents scramble to baby proof their home and make sure that it’s a safe and liveable space for the young ones. We get caps to cover off sharp edges of a table, use cabinet locks to prevent their access etc, but one area we often overlook is the windows.

Importance of Child Safety Window Locks

A growing child is often unaware of the dangers of the outside world. They bump around, climb, use their little hands and feet to feel a world that they know little about. While some parents encourage their child to explore on their own, there are certain things that just can’t be explored.

This was a hard lesson that the family of Muhammad Fazlee Abdul Aziz know all too well about. Their case was made famous island wide when their 3 year old daughter was somehow found dangling 2 storeys above ground with her head stuck between the railing and the ledge. The young girl was presumingly looking for her mum who had left the house to send their second daughter to school, when she landed herself in that dangerous situation. Lucky for the family, 2 foreign workers who were in the area noticed the little girl and took it upon themselves to climb and rescue the stuck little one.

But many other families aren’t that lucky. A quick google search on the internet and you’ll see cases of little children falling to their death here in Singapore. Most of these cases are usually the result of  a combination of lack of supervision and the curious mind of a toddler. Even when the parents are at home, we can’t constantly look over our kid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (the mother of the above mentioned case was a home maker). The best we can do is to take measures to prevent such a accident from happening.

It is a sad case and it is especially so considering how all these cases could have been easily prevented with the use of proper equipment and tools.

What are Child Safety Window Locks?


Child safety locks work very similarly to cabinet locks. It locks the windows in place and restricts the window from excessive opening. This prevents kids, toddlers or even adults from opening the window either intentionally or unintentionally. This controlled gap allows for air to flow into the house, yet is restrictive enough that it kids would not be able to climb out of the window.

Benefits of Child Safety Window Locks



First and foremost, Window Locks help in securing the safety of you and your loved ones. But on top of that, Child Safety Window Locks offer plenty of other benefits as well

-Relatively Cheaper

Other alternatives to safeguarding your children from these risk comes in the form of installing a protective barrier such as through the use of Invisible grills etc. These are not only unsightly but also extremely costly (Appx SG$1500). Child Safety Window Locks on the other hand, cost less than SG$100 and can be installed on your own.

-Non Intrusive

Unlike grills and safety bars that make you feel locked in, the cable that holds the window locks together can be removed as and when it is required. Window Locks are non intrusive and doesn’t disrupt your window placement, view etc.

Winlock – The Original Child Safety Window Lock


If you are looking for Window Locks to protect the safety of your child, there’s no better than winLock. winLock is the premium window restrictor that’s engineered in Germany. It is tested and covered by ISO 9001 certification that ensures the lock fits provides a perfect balance of performance and reliability. winLock’s Window Locks have been tested to withstand a horizontal force of 2952N (appx 300kg).

winLock’s system is easy to install and can be done with the assistance of their step by step guide. Click here to learn more about winLock and the 5 years warranty that comes with winLock’s system.